HRC Disability Case - Cancelling the Unlawful Detainer

The Housing Rights Center (HRC) recently resolved a case on behalf of a Los Angeles family that was being evicted from their home after four years of tenancy. The tenant, a single mother with a 4 year old son with bone and kidney cancer, received a 60 day notice to vacate for undisclosed reasons. She contacted HRC for help after she was unable to vacate their home during the 60 day timeframe and was served with an unlawful detainer (UD).
She stated that due to the severity of her son’s cancer and the extent of his rigorous medical treatment, which included weekly chemotherapy sessions, blood transfusions and overnight hospital stays, she was unable to locate new housing. She also stated that vacating their home would have a detrimental effect on her son’s health.
HRC contacted the property owner’s attorney and requested a reasonable accommodation on behalf of her son’s disability. Specifically, HRC requested that the property owner dismiss the UD and allow the family to continue their tenancy at the property. The owner’s attorney sent a response letter to HRC with conditional terms for reinstating the family’s tenancy.
After reviewing the conditional terms, HRC and the tenant signed the settlement agreement. Shortly thereafter, the owner dismissed the UD and reinstated the family’s tenancy. 

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